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Woman is mortified to find out the doll bought for her daughter is making sex sounds | “Elsa needs to calm down”


Dec 6, 2020
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There are toys and there are adult toys. One mom discovered the toy turned into an adult one and shared the hilarity that ensued.

Toys are meant to bring joy to little kids. It’s a great way to engage them in learning and enhance their various skills. But one mother of twins, who had purchased an Elsa doll, a character from the famous Disney movie, Frozen, for her daughters did not realize just what kind of knowledge her kids would be getting from it. 

It was a normal day when suddenly, this mother started to hear a suspicious sound from her daughters’ room. Going to investigate, she was shocked when she found that the doll was malfunctioning… in an X-rated way, according to The Sun. The toy, whose functions include speaking and moving, was running out of battery which was causing it to writhe around and roll its eyes. Stuck in a loop, toy Elsa was continuously moaning, “I really need to.”

Though hysteric at the time, the mother did find it amusing and shared a clip of the adult-rated version of Elsa to social media platform TikTok, which she captioned, “Batteries are going flat – or house is haunted.” She had filmed herself tracking down the “inappropriate” noises and said, “Imagine my confusion when I heard this noise coming from the toy room!”


Batteries are going flat – or house is haunted 🤷‍♀️ ##ghost ##elsa ##battery ##fy ##fyp ##inappropriate ##toys♬ original sound – user2898426490158

“Elsa needs to calm down!” She added.

The post, which went viral with over 27k views at the time of this article, has a ton of comments regarding the hilarious situation. One user said, “Omfg hahahahaha let it go Elsa let it go,” referencing the famous song from Frozen while another added “Legit just throw those toys out.” Another person joked, “Elsa using her ice powers for personal gain.”

Of course, this isn’t the only time that Elsa has been in a compromising situation it seems. Another mom was left horrified when she discovered sex positions printed in the back of a Frozen notebook she had bought from Kmart, according to NewsHub. “Anyone who got the Elsa ‘Frozen 2 secret Diary’ just be careful !!!!!!!!! Honestly can’t believe it!!!” she captioned her post. “Just beware… we got this for our daughter’s birthday, and this is on it,” she said in the video.

Anyone who got the Elsa 'Frozen 2 secret Diary' Just be careful !!!!!!!!! Honestly can't believe it !!! Alex James Alamos

Posted by Toni Alamos on Sunday, April 19, 2020

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