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Woman returns the ancient artifacts she stole from Pompeii 15 years ago claiming it cursed her family with tragedies


Oct 18, 2020
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A Canadian woman decided to return some ancient artifacts that she had stolen without thinking twice when she was a young traveler in a foreign country. According to CNN, the woman who has only been identified as Nicole returned five artifacts that she had stolen from Pompeii in 2005. Two white mosaic tiles, two pieces of amphora vase, and a piece of a ceramic wall were sent to the Archaeological Park of Pompeii along with a letter.

Talking about the time she thought it was okay to steal, she said she was a “young and dumb” girl at the time. Moreover, she said she just “wanted to have a piece of history that couldn’t be bought.” However, she did not think her life would turn upside down after the incident.

Since taking the artifacts home, Nicole suffered two bouts of breast cancer that resulted in a double mastectomy. Besides, her family also went through a lot of financial issues. 

In the letter, the woman blamed the artifacts for all the bad times she went through in life. “We can’t ever seem to get ahead in life,” said the helpless woman. She also talked about her regret in stealing a piece of history that has a lot of negativity attached to it. 

Photo taken in Pompei Scavi, Italy

“I took a piece of history that has crystallized over time and that has a lot of negative energy in it. People died in such a horrible way and I took tiles related to that kind of destruction,” wrote the woman. She continued, “Since then, bad luck has played with me and my family,” according to People

Pompeii and its inhabitants were buried in ash after the volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in A.D. 79. The remains of the city are considered to be a world heritage site.  

The woman went on to ask for forgiveness and even stated that she would return to say sorry in person. She wrote, “We are good people and I don’t want to pass this curse on to my family or children. For this forgive me for the gesture made years ago, I learned my lesson.” She added, “I just want to shake off the curse that has fallen on me and my family. Please accept these artifacts so that you do the right thing for the mistake I made.”

“I am so sorry, one day I will return to your beautiful country to apologize in person.”

She also informed the authorities that she had given a tile to a friend. But stated she was not sure if her friend would follow her path and return the item.

Meanwhile, this is not a new incident. According to CNN, around a hundred visitors in the past have returned artifacts like mosaic tiles and pieces of plaster that they stole during their visit to the heritage site. A spokeswoman for the park stated that they were often sent back after claiming it brought bad luck. Incidentally, such letters and returned artifacts are on a display at Pompeii. Though the value of these items is not massive, the spokesperson stated that the letters were interesting from an anthropological point of view. 

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